an element, having the symbol “na”, which comes from the latin word “natrium”.

commonly bonded with chlorine ions (chloride) in the form of table salt.
sodium is poisonous, if you put it on your fries you’d die, dumb-ss.
a violent natural chemical ( na ) which mixed with chlorine becomes sodium chloride, a.k.a salt. sodium makes a small explosion with water as hydrogen interacts with the chemical compounds of sodium, and producing some sodium hydroxide ( naoh )sodium, also hydroscopic is a caustic substance, don’t dream of dropping it on you. if you ever bought a small microscope it comes with a petrified sample of sodium. do not eat
chemist ed: don’t mix sodium with water without saftey!!

dumbsh-t: durr, let’s put some sodium on our fries!
a word used to describe anger towards something ridiculious or stupid. the word comes from ‘so dumb’ but has been translated to ‘sodium’ for short.
teacher: alright cl-ss, finish this -ssignment for tomorrow.

student to friend: so-dium! man, this cl-ss sucks!
a semi-covert way of referring to the quality of someone’s derriere. derived from the chemical symbol for sodium, na. (nice -ss)
jamie might be average looking in the face, but so sodium!
it is a element in the piriotic table
i put sodium on my fries

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