being f-ck in the -ss with a d-ck covered in salt
he said he wanted to try -n-l but he totally sodiumised me.

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  • mammoth feet

    somebody who has abnormally large feet or legs, but refuses to believe it due to crippling insecurity issues. tribesman: “you are loud, your feet are like mammoth” brightshadow: “i am not your mammoth feet”

  • misenchantment

    enchantment with the wrong thing. my daughter suffers from an unfortunate misenchantment with the kardashians.

  • yellow wood

    when your p-n-s is hard because you have to pee roiel drunk to much water now her has yellow wood

  • kertaris

    a black male that’s strong and is a warrior and a brave and smart king and a funny guy with big beautiful eyes that pull girls on the low look out there go kertaris

  • son of a spanky

    a term used when you are greatly p-ssed at someone. son of a spanky! ethan, go to your room!!! now!!

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