soigh is the sound you make after someone does some inconsistent sh-t.
he said he wouldn’t get back with her, but guess what, he did, again…

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  • afterswoon

    to get swooned in the afternoon r: -does something s-xy at 3pm l: “oh my good golly gosh. you just afterswooned me.”

  • pondinator

    someone who never touches themselves creating such a backlog of s-m-n that when they do nut it’s insane. he didn’t touch himself for a month, and when he finally did.. it was a pondinator.

  • tea turn

    a person that often says away from hanging with friends in order to not pay their share on a hangout night. man that -ssist tea turned again. it was his turn to pay for the hookah!

  • icdk

    i certainly don’t know icdk where you’re going!

  • alex henderson

    alex henderson is the best person. a great friend, always there for you, will do anything for anyone, a great boyfriend, and just an all around good person. you will never regret knowing an alex henderson. i love alex henderson

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