somalian pool party

when you go to the toilet and take a big dump and don’t flush leaving abdi and he’s friends to chill in bowl hence the somalian pool party.
example 1.

guy 1: hey guy 2 i gotta go take a sh-t ill be back asap
-7minutes p-ss-
guy 1: hey your toilet flush b-tton isn’t working
guy 2: oooooh h-ll nooo, no somalian pool parties in this house go get a bucket and tell abdi and his friends the parties over and don’t come back till they’ve all left.

example 2.

so i walked into this public toilet that was busy and there was this one cubicle that no one was using , so i walk up to it and before i could close the door behind me and use it, to my surprise there was a m-ssive somalian pool party just chillin there.

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