Sombrero Crew

a sombrero crew is a group of usually young, good looking and charming boys! the name has its roots in ess-x, england, but sombrero crews have been found in places such as nottingham, leicester, portsmouth, brighton, bournemouth, and even as far afield as malia and cancun.

legend has it, in 2008 cancun was the setting for one of the most famous sombrero crew stories, and rumours are rife this may be turned into a film in the future with spielberg interested in the production.

sombrero crews signature drinks are tequila and corona, with various c-cktails also going down a treat such as ameretto sours. to be cl-ssed as a sombrero crew you should also regularly eat out at nandos with your boys, enjoy football, ps3, barbeques and road trips.

many people want to be part of these sombrero crews, but only a few lucky people are.
mr barton: ahh man look at that sombrero crew over there, they are the coolest…

sombrero crew member: hey man, you wanna come join our crew?

mr barton: jeez, i dont know if, if, if i’m cool enough?

sombrero crew member: yeah you’re right sod off mate

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