its the call that bloods use.
a crip aproches a blood and the crip thinks the blood is alone all the blood has to do is scream soooowooo and more bloods come to help

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  • soo pro

    1) adj. – can be used to describe someone who is talented 2) you be used as a statement to comment on something someone has done soo pro

  • schwulah

    german slang for a h-m-s-xual. like in english we say “f-g” they say “schwulah” “se is ein schwulah” he is a f-ggot.

  • scoliaptrician

    n. (1) an engineer who designs halls of mirrors, fun-houses and similar self-propelled carnival attractions; (2) a deceiver adj. (1)deceptive; (2) fake the scoliaptrician adjusted the mirrors to enhance the visual effect of an endless hallway. brenda: hey, girl, i heard you laslechtomized with jimmy! wanda: you got that, right. player was totally scoliaptrician.

  • Toni Danza

    is the term for when a guy smack’s a girl in the face with his d-ck (commonly while he’s getting head) and says ” whose the boss now?” i was getting some head from this girl i know and all the sudden i gave her a toni danza!

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