sophia is a very smart and caring girl. she will always understand how you feel, no matter what. she seems weird until you get to know her. sophia’s usually have green or brown eyes, and brown hair. sophia loves math, and she likes to draw and paint. she is involved in lots of activities and rarely has time for other things. she practices martial arts and is in most of all the school clubs. she loves to cook and bake and will love you until the day you die. she can act melodramatic, but don’t take it seriously. inside she is still rooting for you. she has all the looks and is very s-xy and pretty. she is also a good kisser. some people avoid her, but she doesn’t care, because sophia already has lots of fun with the people who do befriend her. what a fantastic person, sophia loves dogs, cats, horses, and pretty much all animals on the universe. she is a b-tch sometimes, but she thinks it’s fun so go along with it. sophia plays video games and is very tomboy- ish. don’t get sophia mad, she wins all arguments. she is very caring though, and really good at understanding how others feel. sophia is usually short, so you’ll have to bend over to kiss and hug her. short and sweet.
guy 1: i found a new girlfriend.
guy 2: what’s her name?

guy 1: sophia.

guy 2: you lucky b-st-rd
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a femme fatale. with intelligence and beauty. she’s an “all around girl” like ll’s cut. usually nicknamed sophia or phia. very friendly, a down–ss chick, book smart and full of wisdom.

uses “both eyes to see” the world

a wifey type that can make a man satisfied. cook good, look good and feels good.

a one of kind girl, rare to find and once you find it hold on to it till eternity.
that girl’s a “sophia”, all i want in a woman. curves like sophia loren, s-xy prowl like sofia vergara, can freak you like the p-rn star sophia santi.
a girl’s name that means wisdom in greek.
has a user rating of 4.5.
dayum, sophia is fiine !!
s-xyy girl who i love!!
has alot of self-confidence
amazing friend
always knows how to have a good time
you can always trust her

i love you sophia!!!
an amazing girl, extremely beautiful, does cute things all the time, great at drawing, great at kissing, pretty much great at everything she ever does, knows how to make a guy feel amazing, a girl very easy to love.
hey, is that a god?
nope, it’s just sophia. (:
a female. rather to do the unexpectable of what people think. most likely to have sarcasim. you can always be yourself around sophia. goes for guys by what her heart tells her not her eyes. easy to fall in love with. but most important shes a bestfriend to you.
dude 1: omg! theres sophia.
dude 2: omg! let’s go give her the biggest hug ever!
the best girl you could ever meet. she is amazing. she is extremely nice, has soft skin, plays basket ball, is amazing at soccer, and plays lacrosse. sophia is the kind of person who is loud but is soft at the same time. sophia has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen a hazel or brownish. sophia also has and amazing face. i could look at her for hours and hours. she is the type of person to make you fell better as soon as you see her. sophia is the reason i come to school.
d-mn i wish i was sophia
look at all the girls jealous of sophias natural beauty
a girl name that is a very nice girl who stands up for her friends and doesnt take sh-t.
i love my friend sophia.
there is sophia!!!!!!!!!

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