Space Dollar

1) the money it takes to build a m-ssive explosion that roasts mad sp-ce astronauts who eat mad sp-ce food

2) any significant amount of money
brad: dood i got mad sp-ce dollar!
bettsy: f-ck you, my sp-ce dollar is madder
brad: omgwtfbbq!!!!!1

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    a word used to describe anything thats cr-ppy or broken, derived from the word sp-ceship for no reason what so ever. fikin h-ll i dropped my polos! now ther sp-c sh-t

  • spammar

    the intriguing yet horrible -ssembly of words p-ssing as an attempt at grammar in spam emails. “why men prefer to avoid their own wives or girlfriends and lie, being scared of their male incompetence in bedroom, instead of just swallow one blue pilule and be her insatiable james bond?” is an example of “spammar”

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