the screen that musicians use over the mic so it is clearer
yo dawg how much was your mic and sp-cer
a person who is pr-ne to casual daydreaming, devil-may-care carelessness and forgetfulness. for most purposes, the word is synonymous with stoner.
‘gary forgot to bring those gauzes into uni again today.’
‘jesus, what a sp-cer!’
things that go into your ears that make the hole in them larger.they come in various sizes.14gauge – 12gauge-10gauge – 8gauge – 6gauge up to 00gauge. usually used by scene kids.
person 1: yo ! guess what?
person 2: what ?
person 1: the sp-cers in my ear are now 00 gauge
person 2: awesome !
someone who is addicted to mysp-ce and all he/she talks about is mysp-ce. see mysp-ce wh-r-.
dude, you haven’t showered in a week and you’ve been one mysp-ce forever. stupid -ss sp-cer.

some scene kid: omg! i <3 mysp-ce! it's like crack! me: stfu you d-mn sp-cer. they aren't even really your friends one who is addicted to mysp-ce. "my friend cindy is a sp-cer, signing in numerous times a day." a non-alcoholic drink consumed between alcoholic drinks, intended to limit intoxication. a "sp-cer" will often be disguised as an alcoholic drink. bartender: another vanilla vodka with diet c-ke ma'am? girl: no no, i'm getting pretty drunk. i think i need a sp-cer.

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