when you work at a spa and spend all day watching other people enjoy the spa, and then you yourself are able to spa.
melanie worked all day at the spa, then went to planet fitness used the hydro-m-ssage and got spa’d.
signal p-ssed at danger (spad), in british railway terminology, describes an event where a train has run beyond its allocated signal block without authority, as indicated by a lineside signal showing danger (typically a red light). it is a term primarily used within the british railway industry, although it can be applied worldwide.
there have been three spads on the district line in the past year.
suck p-n-s all day ( just like the word “pnad” pwn noobs all day)
see that kid over there? yeah hes a spad!!!
acronym of signal p-ssed at danger: when the choo-choo train enters the tunnel of love whilst ignoring the red warning signs at the entrance.

see also red rooter.
“well, i ‘ad vis bird round ve back of kfc up against ve bins, and she was well up fer it, so in i goes, gave her wat for, got ‘ome, took a slash & realised i’d spad-ded, ve dirty b-tch!”
spad, sum1 funny, daft, mad, crazy. also u can use spadtastic which is sumthing great.
my friend jumping in the nearest biggest puddle in the rain cos she is a spad, me having a mad 10mins like puttin a gr-ss skirt on my head and chasing ppl around the house. thou its spadtastic cos its so much fun.
when you sh-t and p-ss at some ones home and then ditch them. sh-t p-ss and ditch
a ‘sports dad’. the kind that yells at his own kids at sporting events to do better, run faster, etc. or worse, yells at his kids’ teammates or the kids on the opposing team. the male version of a spom.
i wish that spad in the front row would shut-up so i could enjoy the game!
n. poerson who fails miserably, after the type of r/c airplane commonly known to crash and stick up like a fencepost in the ground
“he failed the test again. what a spad.”

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