a very special f-ggot
that chris brown is a spaggot
a combination of “spaz” and “f-ggot”.
my drum major is the biggest spaggot that ever lived.
a f-ggot covered in spaghetti.
hey look at that saucey spaggot.
spastick f-ggot (in a humerous way, no offence to h-m-s-xuals!)
“you spaggot!”
a word combining the two words spaz and f-ggot
that boy is being a spaggot. those people are acting like spaggots
a french canadian h-m-s-xual that is employed at a spaggetti restaurant.
that dude is such a flippin’ spaggot!
refers to a member of a family from the pittsburgh-area. typically bad at golf, a spaggot can be seen at pittsburgh sporting events attempting to come up with poor humor for a pittsburgh sports-based blog.
hey, did you see that spaggot at the penguins game? i heard he was sucking mark madden’s d-ck in the press box.

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    another way of saying a girls on her period. d-mn girl! i can smell that spaghetti time like a motha f-cka.

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    to trip on a pineapple is to step on a live grenade and dismember yourself. often times this results in death. jim is about to trip on a pineapple, should we warn him? i don’t really want to have to clean his blood off my shirt.

  • Trippin Bits

    this is a way to express if someone is making no sense or if someone is “f-xking crazy”. it is best used within a sentence pointing towards a h-m-sapian of some sort. ” dude, that tw-t is trippin bits, man… “

  • trizzarkled

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  • Troglodyte Salad

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