synonym for: cool, tight, pimp, rad, stellar, kool, hot, awesome, kick -ss, fantastic, sick.
my day was just spankdiddlyocious, thank you.

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  • qvqa

    quadruple v-g-n-l, quadruple -n-l. same thing as dvda and tvta. only with 8 men, and 1 woman. i was watching this p-rn, and there was this awesome qvqa scene. it was awesome, that b-tch took it like a champ.

  • qw33r

    queer spelt in l33t speak. lawl i lulled to teh qw33r cuz he such teh n00bz. i like to pwn teh n00bz

  • speedonkadonk

    device that tells you how fast yo -ss is goin. slow down, girl. yous better check yo speedonkadonk b4 you get a ticket.

  • speed-o-sh*t

    the sh-t one takes while at school, so one does not have to walk in awkwardly after a 10 minute bathroom break. usually includes grunts, splashes, and frantic pulling of the toilet paper off the roll. trying to take a speed-o-sh-t does not work well if the sh-tt-r has constipation; but if one can pull […]

  • neggert

    a filthy lowlife lying sc-mbag, usually a journalist or reporter but not exclusively, can be a family member or friend, that will for money and/or recognition or just fun, feed off the vulnerability and misfortune of others by choosing to distort, exaggerate and sensationalize an event or situation by deliberate misuse of privileged information. a […]

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