when you injest a plentiful amount of meth that your speach becomes a bunch of sh-t no one can understand, a lick of “i dunno what the f-ck i am trying to say” or what you are trying to say or speach. that is a speach-amphetimine.
say you got that thingaslkjdnasfkjgn truck iddooo too much method of me head what did you say? sorry you could not undersand what i said ….cuz i have a speach-amphetimine.

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    masturbating while watching two people get in on. it would have been a manage-a-trois, but i just sat on the sidelines spectorbating.

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    a large line of ketamine, enough to put the user in a ‘k-hole’ or enough to incapacitate. one typically has to psych up beforehand or receive moral support. steve upon entering room and seeing sprawling human mess : “‘f-cks up with him?” tony : “ah, nowt mate. just gave him a life changer, that’s all”

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