speckneck is a person that acts so hard but they not. thinks they gods gift to others. acts weard n like a blonde. just acts so like a chav
like wen a lad c-ms upto ya n asks ya for a f-k, or a chav acting all big n hard wen they aint. a speckneck is just like a blonde.

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  • Spikesesque

    spikesesque – adj – taking great pride in not giving a f-ck. you’re so spikesesque…you’ll never get anywhere in life that way, johnny.

  • Spittin' spank

    to speak in manner in which denotes untrue facts of individuals. to be jivin’, talkin’ trash, or cuttin’ loose. rachel was so drunk last night she was spittin’ spank hard core, we all thought she had diarrhea of the mouth.

  • haffning

    a requirement for action; usually “haffning to”. needing to do something. origin of utah natives. she’s haffning to go to da store for sum cotton candy.

  • Haftoo

    because ‘have to’ doesn’t look or sound right, ‘haftoo’ is the new word. person 1: why are you drinking so much water. person 2: haftoo

  • Hamster in the tubes

    describes a slow point in the internet routing that effects only one person or group of people “hey this website is loading slow is anyone else having trouble?” “no you must have a hamster in the tubes.”

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