1. an insult used when someone does something stupid
2. a berry that is mentally handicaped
dude i pulled a total spedberry on last night gane

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  • dip n swing

    the act of leaving one establishment to visit another before returning to the original location and/or group of friends. “where you going, bro?” “just gotta dip n’ swing, but i’ll see you in 20.”

  • aliye

    an amazingly beautiful and kind person, who also happens to be an incredible photographer “dude did aliye take your pictures?” “yeah man i can’t believe it either!”

  • issandro

    a person who is a b-tch that person is an issandro

  • qwarf

    a big nosed c-nt called philip hey philip stop with the questions you big nosed qwarf

  • fendered

    hit another vehicle from behind, a fender bender ohh no, i just fendered a guy in front of me.

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