Speed Bang

to get your rocks off quickly during s-x
my wife hates it when i speed bang her, because she never gets a chance to reach her climax.

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    expression of tiredness following a strenuous event (mentally or physically) after s-x: aaannddd i’m spent! tired how a male feels after suxual activity, after he c-ms. oh baby, oh, ooh. and im spent. 1) to have used all of one’s time, energy, and money 2) to be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. “friday night was […]

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    when you blow your load on to a girls back as you’re about to c-m you pull out and spermback your -j-c-l-t- all over the person’s backside

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    (noun): a person who has sweaty b-tt s-x with a woman weighing no less than 220 lbs. and has at least two cases of venerial diseases. (verb): the act of being the dooode will paine is so gay he’s a fairy

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