a girl who wears tight leggings because she knows that she has a nice -ss
omg look at that girl, she’s such a speedwick

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    tipsy high (barley high) bro i didn’t even smoke that much, but i’m still kinda ziddy

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    when you’re really high or under the influence and everything just feels right. “yo i was just boolin on mars last night”

  • zaqari

    biggest hoe you will ever meet in your life. piece of sh-t. oh girl that’s za’qari don’t mess with him he ain’t sh-t .

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    1) to go out and “get the ball rolling”, so to speak, with a certain physical activity 2) when one is “rusty” at a certain sport and they want to get back into shape or return to the state in which they previously performed in a consistent manner due to an upcoming event in which […]

  • text a mans

    a text or email sent to a man for a weekend tribute. let’s all send out some text-a-mans

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