a bl-wj-b that does not result in completion or -j-c-l-t–n.
kate spenced him last night, leaving him very unfulfilled and with blue b-lls.
to be a spaztastic lunatic who can shred on his guitar and is an all around ladies man
friend 1: hey, ur new bf.. does he spence?
friend 2: umm yeahh.. he’s just cool like that
shortened version of expensive
“you tryin’ to go see a movie?”

“nah son, that sh-t is way too ‘spence.”
the nick-name given to spencer smith from the band panic at the disco due to lack of a better nick-name such as ryro, bden, and jwalk.
did you see bden and ryro at the concert last night? nah i couldn’t keep my eyes off of spence!
is a gay h-m-s-xual who likes boys behind him
look at that spence ew

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