short term for fetish: small p-n-s humiliation. when a man gains s-xual pleasure in being told (normally by a wife/girlfriend) that his p-n-s is inadequate, and does not satisfy her.
i totally love sph sessions with my wife. the thought of her with a much larger, well hung man totally turns me on!!!
strategically placed hole – used by plushophiles to simulate an entry point for s-x in a plushie. also works for fursuits.
“i made a great sph in my barney plushie!”
acronym for “sandwiches per hour.”
the amount of sandwiches a female can produce in an hour. sph provides an effective way to quant-tatively -sses the dedication, heart, and steadfastness of potential mates. sph is a rating which each female carries with her for the entirety of her life. each female should be able to state her sph at any time upon request. it is necessary to constantly train and thus increase this attribute. in order to create a fair and standardized -ssessment, the sph ratings committee implemented clause 1.19, which calls for a protocol of turkey and ham sandwich-making as the means of receiving ones rating. it is common to receive specialized ratings in sandwich-related fields including but not limited to grilled cheese, grilled chicken, ham and swiss and pb&j.
sph is often used in conjunction with hotness and personality to derive an entirely new equation with which to judge women, however this is out of the scope of this entry.
guy1 ‘hey what do u think of beth’
guy2 ‘well she’s alright to hang with, i guess’
guy1 ‘well i just heard her sph is 94!’
guy2 ‘holy sh-t i should date her!’
skate park hoes

females who go to skate parks to get the attention from guys.
girl 1: that girl doesn’t even own a skateboard.

girl 2: why is she at the skatepark?
girl 1: because she’s a total sph
small p-n-s haver.
chris etchsion is a sph.
science park high school
located in newark, nj, 07105. u.s.a
in the world.
guy 1: yo i heard that chick goes to sphs.
guy 2: huh?
guy 1: science park high you douche.
score pointing honours

someone who is good at kissing -ss, while being smart with an 80 % average.
person 1: what did you get on the math test?

person 2: 80%

person 1: sph!!!

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