the feeling you get when you really have to sh-t, but the conditions are just not ideal.
dude i was spiking so bad during the meeting i felt like i was gonna die.
this is when you engage in any adventurous activity exclusively outdoors, in most cases hiking, and you spark during the expedition.
1. “ay darnell you trying to go hiking on that trail today?”

“f-ck that son let’s go spiking. you bring the socket i’ll bring the kush.”

2. “hey sun-choo, you wanna go hike the ridge trail at the sourlands? it’s supposed to be nice out.”

“i’m only down if we go spike the sourlands.”

to lie to; to fool; to “pull your leg”
your the kind of girl that i can take a likin to..psyche, im spiking you.
a particularly frustrating and violent (and usually loud) skype conversation. usually with a grandparent or someone unused to modern technology. it doesn’t start well and ends even worse.
child: h-llo? h-llo? grandma can you hear me?
grandparent: h-llo? how do you work this thing? are we spiking?!
child: grandma click the volume b-tton!
grandparent: whats going on?! i don’t see you. can you see me?! spike isn’t working!
child: -mimes turning up volume-
grandparent: this is just ridiculous. i’m going to call you!
child: wait! wait! all you have to-

in theatre, it is the act of placing tape on a stage indicating to an actor where he, or she must be at an important point in the play. this occurs periodically during blocking and usually involves glow-in-the-dark tape.
spike this and set for next scene.
two traditions of exploration come together in the history of the word spikings, which also ill-strates how knowledge of the cl-ssics has influenced teachers at dcgs to call him a dumb-ss. scientifically spiking was described a large, arboreal, anthropoid ape of amersham. it is larger than a man, and is remarkable for its m-ssive skeleton and powerful muscles, which give it enormous strength, which allows him to represent the school team. in some respects its anatomy, more than that of any other ape, resembles that of man, with of course no brain.
i hope you all enjoyed this short extract about spikings!!!!
when two guys are having gay s-x and one guy shoves his d-ck up the other guy’s d-ckhole
“dude, i saw you and john spiking last night

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