overflowing with awesomeness.
-we had such a spillerific time last night!

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  • Y.P not an M.P

    your problem not my problem listen “bob” that’s a y.p not an m.p

  • Spoogeman

    a mythical character known for “shootin’ all the spooge he can.” derived from the song “spoonman” by soundgarden. man, spoogeman was pretty wild at that party last week, huh?

  • YPO

    yo, peace out. used when closing an email or im chat to say good bye. typically used in male-to-male communications. “thanks for your help today. ypo!” the word yo with a “p” in it. originally a typo resulting from the proximity of the letters “o” and “p” on the keyboard, and the ease with which […]

  • Y-pod

    an ipod with so many cr-p, gay or oldie song you just have to ask the owner why? god that d-ck-head had such a y-pod yoga pants on deck! when a girl has a really nice -ss and she’s in yoga pants. d-mn, ypod in the house.

  • LinL

    linl a term similar to lol. it is the silent version meaning “laughing inside loudly” as if one were at church or in public, and you have to keep it inside. it’s used in chatting or texting. linl the term was made up from seeing people use lol so much in their texts and chats. […]

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