spin doctor

1) somebody who works in or for the media who ensures that the public understands things from a certain perspective.

2) a radio station dj, or mc at a club or event.
1) we think that the spin doctors at the local tv station helped the mayor win the election.

2) the club boom anniversary party spin doctor was awesome!
an operative who uses his platform to influence the perception of a person, organization, or event. like a damage-control pr person.

most often this is in the political context, usually conservative, with the spin doctor masquerading as a journalist or “expert in the field” to lend credibility to what’s actually just a pr line cooked up by the right-wing.
after “deep throat” finally revealed himself as w. mark felt in may, 2005, a parade of spin doctors, old nixon cronies and convicted watergate felons appeared in the media, trying to tarnish felt in any way they could, to distract from and lessen in the public’s mind the enormity of the crimes they’d committed 30 years ago.
a person that will take a bad situation and word it so it dos not sound so bad, can even switch blame to someone/something else.
the president’s spin doctors have been getting them out of major trubble for generations.
someone involved in the media, almost always a major outlet, who attempts to “spin” events and predictions in a certain light in order to further their agenda.
dude, that peta spin doctor used schaivo to support a mcdonald’s boycott.
someone who twists facts for political purposes.
the spin doctor made sure that the governer won the election.
1. informal t-tle for the member of an organization specifically responsible for presenting information with a particular slant or point of view, and for recovering an organizations image after a public relations catastrophe.

2. slang for a disc jokey, especially of vinyl records and mixing.
the house speakers spin doctors really cleaned up the intern scandal with that dropped contact lense story!
only one of the greatest jam bands in the world.
such songs as..
-little miss cant be wrong
-two princes
-pocketfull of kryptonite
spin doctors are only the best

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