split arse

woman. one who’s bottom continues around the front.
we need to get some split -rs- in to do the typing.
a female. derived from the fact that they possess a split and an -rs-.
come here you stupid split-rs-!
a girl/of the female s-x
i heard that split–rs- take it up the tea-towel holder
can be used when somebody in front of you is driving or walking incredibly slowly and is usually blocking your way.
user is usually fustrated and inpatient.
more commonly used by british males.
“come on split -rs-!”
“f-ck sake this bl–dy split -rs- is in my way!”
“get out the way split -rs-!”
one’s -rs- has been split open due to excessive rammage in the back entry.
can apply to both male and female
i cant sit down cuz me ring is torn

“alright split -rs-?”

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