splitting the muffaletta

a coworker once suggested that the m-ffaletta sandwich at the local deli was too big for him to eat. he suggested that another male coworker “split the m-ffaletta” with him. we all loved the way that sounded for numerous reasons and can envision various definitions of the term. the actual act of splitting a sandwich with another male would seem very h-m-s-xual in nature. one wonders where does it stop – splitting a bowl of soup, an ice cream cone, a cold beverage, etc..
the act of “splitting the m-ffaletta” could be the act of entering a very hairy pubic area; taking on a very tough work project, ie, “this spreadsheet looks hard, looks like we are going to have the split the m-ffaletta!” or, taking a cr-p when you b-tt cheeks are pimple ridden and pock marked – “i just ate tacos, now ive got to go split the m-ffaletta.”

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