a unwanted post placed on a blog that is used for soliciting purposes. like spam, spim, spat, and spobile, these messages contain links to websites featuring the usual array of forcibly advertised online services, such as p-rnography, credit repair, and prescription drug sales. the messages may be made to appear as a comment from an interested reader, stating that the posted link is to a webpage relevant to the current discussion, or an invitation to view the spolgger’s own personal blog.
wow, i totally agree with you. to check out my blog.
a “fake” blog that offers only fake content and links. often, splogs are promoting some other internet site. they are considered spam.
that’s no blog; it’s just a splog with a bunch of cr-ppy links.
n., combination form of spam + blog: 1) blogging solely for profit v. personal expression, communication, information (et al) purposes; 2) a blog which exists to pimp products, services, websites, etc. via extensive use of ads and/or links.
a good friend of mine used to have a slamming blog, but she’s become just another sell-out, now that it’s nothing more than a splog. i doubt she’ll ever get rich using all those pay-per-click ads plastered everywhere on it.
spam advertis-m-nts in a blog’s “comments” section, usually disguised as messages from anonymous users.
“i got nine comments for my recent blog post. unfortunately, most if it was just a lot of splog.”

“wow, this blog is getting splogged.”
a bl–dy hotdog on the back of a thong strap. mostly used for constant -n-l stimulation.
yo that splog is ill.
yo can i borrow your splog?
i tore a nut open from all that splogging yesterday.

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