a “spockist” is a person in a movement that is fed up with all the emotional hype, illogical actions, falsehoods, corruption, lack of integrity, and false prophets in america.

a “spockist” is simply a person who is not an emotional nitwit. instead he or she weighs all information against “logic”. is it logical? is it true?


is it simply a “fascinating” emotional action on behalf of the intellectually inferior psuedo-intellectuals in the human race?

be a “spockist”. a growing movement. weigh the facts. make logical decisions. don’t fall for the weakness of human emotion in your interaction with the world.

started by “spockist” guy nohrenberg, after the trump/clinton elections in 2016, the “spockist” movement is more underground than “anonymous” or “hactivists”.

“spockists” do not commit crimes, do not rush out and join protests, do not disrupt civilization.

“spockists” do apply logic, do seek truth, do partic-p-te in solutions, do help heal civilization, and do take the emotional america that we knew in 2016, and guide it’s maturing into the world that supports logic, religion, science, and emotion all in perfect balance with those aliens that will soon be met, who have been waiting for “spockists” to help this earth.

vote “spockist”!
a spockist just ran for potus and won!

a spockist found and validated the truth in this matter and brought it to the forefront for logical dissemination and -n-lysis.

our governor, a spockist, has made our state a wonderful state to live in.

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