i notice that the tags on amazon feature a new addition to the english language — the new verb “to spore”, as in “prepare to be spored”. there it appears to mean “to have your reputation shredded by customers infuriated at your sh-tty treatment of them”. personally i feel it also needs to have a transitive sense, viz. “to cheat your customers by treating them as pieces of sh-t who don’t deserve to get anything for their money”.
“i got spored” – said after buying one of ea game’s heavy drmed games.
to be bitterly disappointed after a very long, exciting and anxious wait.
gamer 1: “i’ve waited 8 years for this game to come out… what the f-ck is this watered down piece of boring cr-p that i’m now playing?”

gamer 2: “lol, spore’d”
to be under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms.
running around naked in the rain in the summertime when you’re spored feels amazing.

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