a white rapper from wells, maine.
dude, your girlfriend was railed vigorously and harmoniously by spose last night.
slang for suppose used by lazy internet addicts
i spose you need an -ss whoopin?
possibly the sickest rapper ever. can be found in wells, maine. just look for the purple smoke and listen for a flow that would make eminem sh-t himself. also, he uses proper english in his raps, and he is still better than anything on the radio.
i was b-mping spose while downing some pabts blue and smoking a bowl of that dank stuff.
a subsitute for guess, half-heartedly giving a commitment
i spose i will go over to the cheap trick concert tonight.
eye dialect spelling of “suppose”, representing southern us english. (wikipedia has an arcticle on the subject “eye dialect” for those who want to know more.)
i s’pose this is an acceptable explanation.
i s’pose two examples will be enough.
slang for “suppose”
man1- would you like to have intercourse with me?
man2- i spose
a gender-neutral word for a husband or wife, when you don’t want to use spouse
hey gals, did you meet my spose? harry?

hey gang, i’d like you to meet my spose, shirley!

as required by law, add signature of any living spose

man, i’d like to do his spose, she hot.

her spose is such a slob!

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