leetspeek synonym for sperm
1. dude… you do realise that you have spr3m on your top.. what’d you get up to last night??

2. spr3mz0r!!!!!!?!

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  • sprewf

    when you take a sip of coffee, or other liquid, and spray it across the table. it is most times an accident, not done with intent. “i was having a drink of my morning brew and sprewfed it across the table at my mother.”

  • sproat

    to cuss or diss, esp. in mathematical context. “you can use my set square any day!… …you got sproated!” the definition of ill, the epitome of greatness, something or someone remarkable that one handed touchdown catch was sproat. nelson mandela is sproat. verb: to mathematically rape noun: is pr-nounced (as an amalgamy of the two […]

  • Sprungy McSprungerson

    the name you call someone when they are extremely sprung over a girl. you can also say that they come from sprungsville and that they are as sprung as a sprungasaurus (a very sprung dinosaur back in the cretaceous period). w-ssup, sprungy mcsprungerson? you got it bad for that girl.

  • Beached Panda

    a beast at video games even though he is very new to them man 1 : watcha playin man 2: black ops with ruben, this guy is a beached panda!!!

  • Chiblits

    little parts of an object. most similar to the size of dog kibbles or crumbs. also a combination of the two words ‘chunks’ and ‘bits’ with an addition of an extra ‘l’. dave: “look at all those chiblits on your kitchen floor.” steve: “yeah, it’s alright i’ll get my man-servant to clean it all up.” […]

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