2nd generation vauxhall/opel frontera 4×4, nicknamed because of its sprouting aerial. a fantastic vehicle.
how much are you asking for sprout? i have always wanted one.
little person who resembles the green gian’t sidekick (offspring?)
kelly was standing nex to anne and she looked like “sprout”
a younger girl usually around the age of 12 who you can tell is going to be hot when the mature
look at that girl, what a sprout
a goodlooking or hot girl, one that usually has an incredibly s-xy body/tappable -ss. a dead s-xy megababe.
did you see that chick? she’s a f-ckn’ sprouuut!

jim: she’s such a babe!
jimmy: i know, she’s a fair sprout.
nickname for the drug “cot”
eating sprout is really addictive.
another word for t-st-cl-s
“stop munching my sprouts”
slang for marijuana
hey dude, i don’t have to teach my preschool cl-ss for another fifteen minutes. lets get high on some silly sprouts.

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