a s-xual act where a very large woman is on top of a man cowboy style with her arms out to her side and making airplane noises, while unable to receive any upward thrust.
“nate went out spruce goosing again last night.”

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  • todarow

    the name for the period of time between two days “social” end and beginning. when today/tomorrow/yesterday are commonly used incorrectly. 3am; what are we doing tomorrow? idk, i have practice on wednesday today is wednesday no todarow is wednesday

  • first year spread

    term used when first year university students pick up weight during the course of their year. causes may vary. example: stress, over-eating, over-drinking, lack of exercise. “first year spread is real, jane has picked up a lot of weight this year.”

  • senpi

    some one you love or admire the most “out of the corner of my eye i saw senpi “

  • sh*tty backrub

    when you deficate on a woman’s back (without permission) while she’s sleeping and to calm her down, you give her a back rub, smearing the sh-t all over her back my wife fell asleep on my birthday so i gave her a sh-tty backrub

  • ripen my peach

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