old scottish word meaning “to chase girls around among the haystacks after dark.”
i saw sean sprunting after cailyn when i got up for a drink late last night.
a name for a fict-tious feminine hygeine spray, proposed by george carlin.
sure, i always carry sprunt in my purse. right next to my red flag tampons.
a feminine deodorant spray.
get the sprunt! jan’s crotch is stinking up the whole building again!
to run like a c-nt
holy sh-t did u see dave sprunt to the finish?

a generic term for feminine deodorant spray.
cindy’s great in bed…but she could use some sprunt.
sprunt (n): a synonym for a dwarf or midget.

sprunt (past part.): a further past tense of sprinted.
the sprunt gave abe lincoln an upper cut to the b-lls.

the hobgoblin sprunt down arndt rd.
the scent common of exotic dancers. the familiar odour is not specific to any location on her body, but depending on the excessiveness of direct contact, can linger on hands, faces, and nose for an extended period of time.
(in the elevator)
“hey phil, did you remember to pack the sprunt?”

(the next morning)
“alain, is that sprunt i smell on your shirt?”

(at the restaurant)
q: “how would you like your eggs?”
a: “sprunt please!”
an urban legend that says that young men would sneak into morgues and find a fresh dead body of a woman. next, one would put their face next to the deceased’s v-g-n- while the other person found a high ledge in the room. when both would be ready the person on the ledge would jump on the woman’s stomach spraying all her body fluids out of the v-g-n- into the other guy’s face
1. man you smell bad. did you just go sprunting
2. ha ha we sprunted your mom last night (never used literally)

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