(n) a male or female who m-st-rb-t-s at least 12 times per day
1. have you seen joe yet today? nah he’s such a spüser, he’s probably still inside.

2. hey is she gonna hang out with us tonight? no she can’t she’s such a spüser though.

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  • yasmary

    the princess of salsa. someone you can count on.she is very stubborn. her name is pr-nounced yas marie wow you dance the salsa as good as yasmary. your so stubborn just like yasmary

  • pinch cl*t

    when you pinch a girls cl-t so hard, it begins to bleed. “dude! last night he just gave me pinch-cl-t!”

  • kotisha

    an african american girl with a very strong name. probably a sagittarius and is highly bipolar and gets mad over everything. very petty and goofy. probably doesn’t think before speaking. boy: who’s that girl over there girl: oh that’s kotisha, she real petty but low-key goofy.

  • rip the e

    pulling the hand brake (emergency brake) to slide around a corner, getting the car sideways to initiate a drift, or to slide to a stop. coming up on a corner- “dude rip the e so we can skr skrt!” “we bouta get h-lla sideways boii” sliding-“d-mn dude you’re a hoonigan!”

  • ikyfwm

    it’s an acronym for i know you f-ckin with me. usually used in disbelief. tanya cheated on her boyfriend? ikyfwm, i thought she was a good girl

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