to waddle from a squatting position.
after licking frosting from the cake, my sister tried to squaddle out of the reach of our mother’s switch.
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to sh-t your pants and puke simultaneously after being kicked in the junk.
bill got kicked in the junk so hard he squaddled himself.
v. to walk with one’s pants and underwear pulled down, often for the purpose of obtaining toilet paper from another location. squaddling is especially necessary if you’ve already begun your business in the bathroom and don’t want to get the mess on your undies. it is advisable to check very carefully that no one is around before squaddling.
a: you guys, there was no toilet paper in the second stall, so i had to squaddle five stalls down before i found some!
b: thanks for sharing that with us.
squaddling is a squat/waddle that a woman in labor might be seen to do while trying to hold in the baby
raul’s mother had to squaddle quickly to get him across the border in order for him to be born as an american citizen
when you have to take a huge sh-t so u walk fast enough to get there in time but not to fast that you sh-t your self.
james had to take a huge sh-t so he had to squaddle to the other side of the house.

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