(n) describing or pertaining to all squad related matters.
“nicky 2 strokes called me the squadfather today. what an intuitive squadonym.”

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  • embarracist

    the condition felt when someone says something racist and everyone gets quiet and embarr-ssed. or the condition felt when someone makes a racist joke and no one laughs. my drunk uncle made a super racist joke at thanksgiving dinner and no one laughed. it was awkward. i think he was really embarracist.

  • protein dispersion

    when a man -j-c-l-t-s his s-m-n. my buddy is taking a 10 day cruise to the islands where he plans to enjoy the sunny beaches, the beautiful ladies, and hopefully some “protein dispersion”!

  • dustaug

    (doo-stag) a noun someone who listens to one song repet-tively tommy: “stop listening to numa numa you f—ing dustaug!”

  • alaskan dragon rider

    the alaskan fire dragon, performed with the man riding a moose. “hey man, i gave my girl the alaskan fire dragon last night.” “man, you are bad at this. i gave my girl the alaskan dragon rider last night.” “daaaaaaaaamn”

  • sk*nk camp

    a camp for girls of the sk-nk variety aka camp cheerio campers. boy: wow she’s a sk-nk. girl: that’s what sk-nk camp does to you.

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