sqeaky dolphin is when you are f-cking a b-tch from behind and you surprise her by sticking your c-ck in her -ss without her expecting it. then, she screams out (ut uh, ut uh) like a dolphin.
i was f-cking this girl hardcore from behind and i stuck it in her -ss and the b-tch screamed out ut uh, ut uh like a squeaky dolphin. so i kept doing it until her -ss started to bleed.
related to flogging the dolphin… squeeky dolphin refers to a number of situations where your ” dolphin” is in need of some lube, be it jerking the girth or playing hide the bishop… the best way to cure a squeeky dolphin is spit on it….
i was trying to be quit when i jacked off but my squeaky dolphin made it almost impossible.
when you are doing a girl doggy, and when she starts to c-m and you punch her in the kidney and she ‘squeaks’ like a dolphin while you crest your bigo. usually followed by a dirty sanchez for good measure.
for melinda and my first time, i waited till was c-mming and then gave her a squeaky dolphin; and to make it even more special, i gave her a side of dirty sanchez. we don’t date anymore and the doctor says i can go to solid food next week after i get my jaw unwired from her donkey punch.

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