the highly sir who goes by his day to lay waste of squabbling peasant sc-m. whether it be a scrub, a pleb, or something else as low, or lower than that.
sir squi-knight ian nonchalantly enters the ball room with his newly wed fair maiden, i fled the scene for i littered the air with such lowly peasantry
cute ombination word with origins being part squirrel / part squee, all cute

n> something that is cute
adj> something that is cute/super happy
“the little squi has a nice face”
“that critter is so squi”
“you make me squi”
“it’s a squi little tale about a rabbit and her friend”
“the mother squirrel had collected a stockpile of nuts for her little squi family”
“this top is more squi than that one”
a mix between a p-n-s and a v-g-n-. it has the shaft like a p-n-s but then goes in like a v-g-n-.
my girlfriend had a boyfriend with a squi once and she said it was rather hard to have s-x.
a pimp daddy who use to have a lisp but is now the ski king.. with a small p-n-s
that kid is for sure a squi.. but its sick.

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