just a weird dude that looks like alien
that dude is such a squig, he looks like he just landed here
“part flesh, part fungus, but mostly teeth and claws.” an odd, bipedal, slimey (and very toothy) creature that warhammer night goblins keep for
a. an excelent distraction to opposing armies. as an added bonus, they are more than slightly unnerving.
b. an important food staple (along with fungi {not forgetting the infamous mad cap mushroom and bits of each other).
“m’lord, they apear to be bouncing b-lls… a gigantic bouncing ball – like the children’s toy? they’re getting closer an- waaaaargh.”
a hot teenage girl that you want to do but would be arrested if you did.
look at the t-ts on that squig coming out of the high school.
a animal that is sort of a lizard that has a round body with 2 foot teeth and only 2 legs. it is the favourite pet of night goblins
get da snotlings i see a squig herd
the run and shoot flare center p-ss play in tecmo super bowl. so named because of squig like patterns that the recievers run.
when i picked squigs and threw it to andre “bad moon” rison he caught it with the greatest of ease and grace.
something that is gross, disgusting, or unpleasant; the feeling induced by such an object. usually and adjective or adverb or used to describe the state of being totally freaked out.
“ewww, it’s all squiggy.”
“watching that surgery squigged me out.”
woman who looks like a cross between a squirral and a pig = squig
look at that fat old lady, she is a proper squig
the little white part of an uncooked egg that is connected to the yolk.
my mom always removes the squigs in my eggs before she cooks them. its called “de-squiging” the eggs.

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