a salutation used most oftenly towards bredrens, and those of close relation
“what up my squire?”
to name a friend when you greet them.
allright their squire
a last name of thieves, drunks and scoundrels. most are men, with very few females being born to this clan. they generally live on top of barren hills and ridges, in close proximity to chicken farms. they start drinking at 10 years old, and do not stop until death. they are known to say the most nasty things imaginable, but are amazing lovers, yet rarely father children.
those squires’ from the ridge are hard cases. they stole all me wood that was leanin against me shed.

that squires just called me a horrible name, and told me i was worthless. he then spit in my mouth. but i still love him.
a squire is a word used when you can’t remember, or don’t want to use someone’s proper name.
morning squire, are we winning today?
g’day squire, how are you going today?
to service a woman (yes, s-xually).
“he squired me yesterday.”
a very large and extremely stench-loaded cr-p of power
person a: hey guys i woulden’t hit the bathroom anytime soon i just dropped a m-ssive squire

person b: -cannot reply, throat is clogged with squire fumes-
someone who is seen as the b-tch among the group. someone who tries to act like other people in order to look cool. funny, or however they want to appear. squires are seen as a nuisance and should not be tolerated. squires are seen as insigniicant in society because they don’t bring anything to the situation. they are useless.
“my style never gets tired or wants to retire, so f-ck all of you squires.” -chase cormier

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