those little furry b-st-rds that dart out into the road when you’re tryin to change the radio station, thereby causing you to swerve your car, narrowly miss that innocent tree and hit the yard full of kids play lawn darts…
“d-mn, look what that f-ckin squirrel made me do…”

lol, squirrel, but not rly

this is a squirrel that has nothing to do with the definition.

bessie- fat -ss squirrel

it’s a squirrel. also my msn pic (don’t ask)

do not leave your beverages unattended outdoors.
1. a bushy-tailed woodland rodent that climbs trees and eats nuts

2. a goofy, hyperactive person
1. let’s go shoot some squirrels with my bb gun.

2. quit being such a squirrel. you’re getting on my f-cking nerves.
a person who gives alot of bl-w j-bs.
they alway have a mouth full of nuts
guy #1: that hoe is such a squirrel
guy #2: yea every time i turn around
she got a mouth full of nuts
a cute bushy tailed animal that sometimes take over entire planets by hijacking nasa equipment
squirrel: how are you gentlemen! all your base are belong to us. you are on your want to destruction!
nasa: we are sorry to inform that we are no longer receiving signals from echo419.
those cute, fuzzy creatures that steal your tulip bulbs and then subsequently forget where they hid them.
that d-mn squirrel rearranged my flower bed in this seemigly random pattern. hmmm…it looks good.
to squirrel, squirreling, the act of being distracted in the middle of–wow, something shiney!
while giving that definition, i totally just squirrelled.

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