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seeing squishter talk about s-x is so very, very wrong.

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  • the dirty dirty

    atlanta, ga “did you just land at hartsfield international?” “yep! i’m back in the dirty dirty! let’s go to the vortex.” 3 more definitions basically the whole south region of the united states. ayo which region makin the hottest tracks these days ? definitely the dirty dirty. just another name for the dirty den of […]

  • civil dicter

    to find peace in a subject. i was arguing with a co-worker and when i was told to go home. i looked at my boss and told him to stop being a civil dicter. suck my dicter!

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    when you knock a girl out so that she in unconcious, then you have s-x with her. jim used the dirty turczak to get laid for the first time. 1 more definition when you knock a girl out so that she is unconcious, then you fling her over your shoulder and bring her to your […]

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    someone who keeps trying to get naked with cuculain, with a side helping of sybexs.

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    man who fishes for clam (v-g-n-) danny: dude, u wanna go clam fishing? nick: f-ck ya, i hear they are in theis season. tyler marble: i wanna be a clamfisher! danny:ur d-ck is small they wont bite

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