squishy star

a squishy v-g-n-
he he squishy star

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  • gargage

    1. a typo. 2. the amount something is gargled. (also garglage) oops. i tried to type garbage, but i instead typed gargage. d-mn, that’s some serious gargage. like garbage, but even worse. mow is gargage.

  • g*ycud

    (you should be able to figure out the definition based on the context of the example below). “tony is a gaycud”.

  • g*yerest

    means that something is the gayest it can get. its gayerest!!! coming from the latin term gayeresta mean gay a: your gay j: your gayer a: your gayest j: your gayerest ha!!

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    when a bunk bed gets proper genged up by da’s man and the bunk bed just gets proper genged and tarned into pieces mom “oh bobby i came home from work and i heard a geng geng and i went into your room and it seemed your bunk bed was proper genged one” bobby “what?” […]

  • gibbie gablurs

    the act of not wanting something, by vocalizing their opinion through song. the slang term for junk, women, or an activity you don’t want to be apart of. gillie: hey goose want the rest of my sandwhich. goose sings: we don’t need them gibbie gablurs, i don’t need no gibbie gablurs. gillie thinks: it seems […]

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