used to describe someone who gets increasingly more polite the angrier they get.
-“yeah my teachers being a total sqwee today”
an exclamation of pure excitement and hyperactivity.
“oh, sqweee!!!”
(exclamation) term used when one is feeling a overjoyed state of happyness
chris:oh sqwee the fat man down by the lubracant station just fell!
jesse: how sqwee!
byan brown: sqwee!
hot chick
sqwee of skullz.org
the combination of squits diarrhea and wee ie clearish water shooting out of one’s -n-s as a result of a stomach bug/intestinal disorder
sorry i can’t come out tonight i have a bad case of sqwee
a beautiful, talented little s-xpot in skullz.org who is quite possibly my biggest hero. she is amazing, and you sc-m should bow before her mighty glory and b–bies. mmmm, sqweebewbs.
“sqwee have me a cookie and some fist-play last night when i came home sad cuz i broke up with my boyfriend.”
pr-nounced squee:
1. an individual who is considered square. 2. also describes a person who is uncool, conformist, and and/or uneducated.
3. someone who is being “douchey”
1. i heard john is now emo, he’s such a sqwee.

2. i can’t believe he even p-ssed the 9th grade, he’s so squee.

3. lee, you’re so sqwee.

4. i can’t believe jessica said that to me, after all i’ve done for her, she is such a sqwee!

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