show’s a general lack of carring about what ever’s going on at that time
same as ssdd but with f-ck it added.

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  • Stacey Special

    receiving a no handed bl-w j-b while driving. on the way back from the rays game she gave me the stacey special.

  • Choadissimo

    closely related to a choad ( a p-n-s that is wider than it is long) a choadissimo is a person who personifies a choad. jack, ryan says you’s a choadissimo.

  • querd

    used to argree that everything just is rad, no worries and just chillian, and happy as possible (someone says)…. this summer is going to be so sweet i get to skate everyday and this rad new skate park that was just built…(you would say).. querd!

  • corn camper

    a term for a flaming h-m-s-xual that new guy at work is a f-cking corn camper!

  • coromandel peninsula

    a beautiful twig of land in new zealand. has built up a huge reputation concerning artists, hippies, communes, and a whole lot of marijuana chucked in. also known as ‘the dope capital of new zealand’,(i have heard people refer to napier as this too but really – no. napier just-just-doesn’t compare.-shakes head reminiscently-)it is famed […]

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