st fx

an overcrowded high school located in riverside south in ottawa, ontario. while the school itself is decently nice-looking and the area around it is lush nothingness, the people attending that school seem to think they live in the ghetto. if thy aren’t outside the front doors smoking cigarettes, they’re at the nearby bridge gettin high af. if their grades were a high as they are, they’d all be honour roll kids. other than those majority of students, the others can be found having s-x with their best friend’s boyfriends, drinking cheap beer on sunday nights and being snakes.
girls that go there are usually basic white girls who wear lulu lemon leggings and pink sweaters with adidas sandals and nike socks. they have really nice -sses and hot bodies.

the boys are all cl-ssic f-ckboys. they have those tan f-ckboy pants and try think they’re f-cking hilarious because they “like” trump. they look pretty good without their shirts on though.
the average iq of the school is around 25, which is about how many d-cks are sucked in stairwell c every month. there’s no such thing as a committed relationship because chances are both of them f-cked each other’s best friend.

the official school mascot is a coyote, although it seems most students think it’s a snake with they way they’ve been acting.

basically st fx is a pretty high school full of thots, f-ckboys and stoners that need to get their sh-t together.
person 1: i hear ____ f-cked _____ last night
person 2: wow, didn’t he just break up with his ex?
person 1: are you surprised? he goes to st fx

person 1: look at that really hot girl in the lulu leggings!
person 2: must go to st fx

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