St. Michaels College School

the act of being the greatest high school in the greater toronto area.
being known to destroy the compet-tion such as upper canada college and del la salle.
st. michaels college school student: hey were gonna bring down the st. mikes hammer on your -ss.

ucc student: i know… i wish i wasn’t such a preppy b-st-rd
st. michael’s college school is a private, all-boys roman catholic day school in toronto, canada. the original campus was located on bay street just north of bloor in the clover hill building which still stands today as st. basil’s church- constructed in 1852 (the year st. michael’s was founded). due to the rapidly expanding student body the school was relocated to its current location, leaving the bay and bloor campus as a federated college in the university of toronto, known as the university of st. michael’s college. today, the school’s campus is at bathurst street and st. clair avenue at the edge of toronto’s forest hill neighbourhood. the school has a well known rivalry with upper canada college, another private all boys high school located in the same forest hill neighbourhood.

the school has a very rich history of successful alumni including jim flaherty (finance minister of canada), robert deluce (founder of porter airlines) and sergio marchionne (ceo of fiat and chrysler) to name just a few. the school is perhaps best known as a producer of hockey players and football players and over 180 st. michael’s alumni have played in the national hockey league (including tim horton!). more than anything, st. michael’s produces a sense of pride among its students and alumni that no other private school can even dream of achieving.
want to be successful? go to st. michael’s college school.

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