a very beautiful, emotional, cool, chic that is queen b. she loves to party hard, and loves the boys. she always has a fun time drinking, and is a hot girl. she loves to be the center of attention. she has a hot bod, and she is such a sweet talker. usually has a decent sized bod, not too skinny, or too big. she is so fierce and all the guys knows that she could kick their -ss. she is super athletic, and loves being a very funny person.
she is so gorgeous, she must be a starla, cause’ she has a super wicked bod!
usally a unique girl with a different style. she likes to be in charge. drama tends to follow her, but shes used to it. shes seen as a b-tch because she stands up for herself. shes wanted my most, and hated by many.
shes such a starla.

i wish i could be like starla.
a girl with beautiful eyes and a great personality. she has a few close friends but thats all she needs to get by. she has a good sense of humor and is usually very smart. theres no one else like her.
yeah she looks like a starla.
usually too quiet. brainy, misunderstood, average. not destined for greatness but not destined for failure.
have you met the new girl?
no she seems kind of starla.
1. someone who’s thinks they are the boss
2. is known for being a cry baby
3. usually a lier
4. one word “drama”
5. a pale white -ss
god, don’t be such a starla!
one who falls under any of these categories:
1. ratty, grimy hair
2. annerexic b-tch
3. drama spreading- esp. rumors!
4. crying wimp
5. granny panties!!!
1. stop being such a starla, you r-t-rd.
2. that starla needs to get a frikking life.

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