an intense partier.very provactive and often referred back to as a freak. outgoing, loud, great smile.
whoa, look at that staszak out there on the floor; can’t wait to get her home

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    model from texas who was a scene kid, candy kid, and finally a wandering b-ssist before finding her niche in posing. literally. seems to be able to move well in fetish ballet heels. seems to find drama a lot, and is very famous in the czech republic. hey, i’m doing a muze dahl over here, […]

  • Orange goody

    a drink usually containing vodka, crushed vicodin, crushed ecstasy and some orange juice. “man that orange goody knocked me out.”

  • orbatious

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  • Blicked

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  • Steelhammer

    a bad-ss last name for only the most elite of people. steelhammers do not wear coats, show emotions, get cold, get sick, or take vacations. as of the 2000 us census, there are exactly 123 steelhammers living in the country.

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