Status Symbol Land

a mildly mocking synonym for the united states. it originated in the song “another pleasant valley sunday” written, in 1967, by american song writing duo gerry goffin and carole king. the song, recorded by american group the monkees, highlights an obsession that goffin and king thought was common to many americans namely to increase their status. to have a bigger house, a better car, more televisions, more of everything than anyone else to show how “important” they are. they don’t actually need all this stuff, they just want them as status symbols.

now before anyone gets p-ss-d off and rejects this definition, think about it; the phenomenon may be more widespread and common than people think, why do so many people try to get a definition on urban dictionary? is it to include a new definition, or a variant of an existing definition to increase the useful content of urban dictionary, or is it to give them something to boast about to their friends, a status symbol?

incidentally, if you think goffin and king were being too general about americans and status symbols consider the group that recorded the song, the monkees. they were manufactured by the american music industry in an attempt to rival the beatles, so were the monkees musicians or an attempt at a status symbol?
another pleasant valley sunday, here in status symbol land.
with thanks to gerry goffin and carole king.

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