a place of anykind where there are almost always amazing looking women
man this bar over here is a real steakhouse .
popular new greeting between friends
starting with the word steak and emphasizing on the word house!
guy 1: steakhouse!
guy 2: hey man what’s up?
when a person eats so much that they have a bowel movement after their meal. in some cases, the steakhouser gets diarrhea or vomits and blames the place of business for food poisoning. they didn’t get food poisoned, they just ate so much food that the new food in their system pushed the old food being digested, through their colon into their r-ct-m. most people that steakhouse believe that defecating 3 or more times a day after meals is a healthy practice, while its a well known fact that it is very unhealthy. look it up. steakhousers are usually the embarr-ssing people of the group that eat way too much and give off a barbaric feeling to their friends.
“i just took a huge cr-p and destroyed the toilet. i think i might have food poisoning.”
“no, you just steakhoused you stupid piece of sh-t.”
a place to go get a nice, juicy steak.
wow, the prime rib is sooooo good at the longhorn steakhouse.
designated place where people go to give and recieve bl-w j-bs.
“hey chris, why don’t we got to the steakhouse for dessert after dinner?
slang for the bathroom.
“hey, i’ll be in the steakhouse taking a dump if anyone needs me.”
a male that is stocky in build, a well built male, a guy that is like a tank. built like a brick sh-t house. steakhouse can be used as a first name. can also be used as a double barreled first name.
my mate kenny is a steakhouse and double barreled is steakhouse kenny is a great guy.

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